How To Make Money on Clickbank For Beginners

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Introduce To ClickBank:

In this method I’m, going to show you step-by-step how you can get started with
affiliate marketing With ClickBank.Clickbank to start making money online today and look the truth. Is you don’t need to spend money to learn how to do this?

You don’t have to buy an online course to learn ,how to use Clickbank to start making hundreds of dollars per day.

This is all just free information, because I want to help people learn how to get started with affiliate marketing and obviously with doing something like this. It can be quite passive and you can find yourself making hundreds or thousands of dollars per day.

Affiliate Marketing

What Is ClickBank?

This is not a scam there’s. There’s. Nothing like I said I have nothing to sell to you. This is just something that we’ve done in our business to start to scale this passively, so that we’re able to make hundreds of dollars per day with affiliate revenues and it’s all through free traffic sources.

You don’t have to necessarily start a YouTube channel. You don’t the necessarily start a website there’s, a number of different traffic sources that I’m, going to share with you in this video, but overall, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna break down this concept of Clickbank affiliate marketing.

We’re gonna break it down into a digestible action plan that you can take for yourself by the end of this video. So you can start making money in 2020. On Clickbank, okay, so let’s get started with this.

I think in some cases first of all, I’m gonna Assume that you already have maybe a little bit of an understanding of what affiliate marketing is or what Clickbank is and how you’re, essentially marketing products for other businesses and other people right that’s.

What you do on Clickbank!

It’s kind of this third party, where Clickbank is the intermediary between the company and the person who’s marketing for that company, and so Clickbank is the one that you go through for that.

Okay. So the problem with affiliate marketing and the reason why gets a bad rap in a lot of cases is because there’s. A lot of people who are out there just promoting products that aren’t very valuable.

They’re, not very good products, and they end up promoting them because they want to get some money right. They want some short-term cash in their pocket, and so what I would suggest doing if you go on this affiliate marketing journey, you want to start using Clickbank.

I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that in just a second and some of the traffic sources. But if you’re going to go this route, it’s, something that’s totally possible.

But I would HIGHLY that you keep a high level of integrity when you go through this, and I just know from for my business and for my brother’s, business that we whenever we promote something through Clickbank or through other different affiliate networks.


Like Amazon Associates, we always make sure that we’re, promoting a product that we truly believe in something that we either use or our friends use. Or it has very good reviews.

We know that we can sleep well at night, because we know whenever we’re marketing out there, with whatever traffic source, whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook websites or some of the other traffic sources.

That I’m gonna share with you in this video, whatever it is, it’s, something that I feel very good about, because I know it’s, a good product. Okay, I’m gonna show. You how to find good products in here as well, so first things.

First, we need to go through the process of actually signing up for an account with Clickbank okay, so we need to click, create an account and I’m, not gonna walk. You through every step here when creating an account because it’s, pretty straightforward.


If you’re in the industry of minimalism right and you’re telling people to not buy stuff, and you’re, writing blog posts about that or you’re commenting somewhere with your link, your affiliate link. It’s, going to be difficult to to.

You know, make a lot of money, because you’re, telling people to not buy anything, because your topic is minimalism. If your topic is say software – and you’re talking about this – this –

this investing software or a Dobby Premiere Pro, for example, this this software – that I used to edit these videos that’s very expensive software has a lot of money In it generally, so, if you find software products promote, that can be a pretty good deal there’s, also ones like health and fitness.

There’s, a lot of money in that there’s, a lot of money in a couple of different areas as well that we’ll talk about later on throughout this video like online education. But let’s, look at health and fitness right here, and so we’re gonna click on this tab right here and then we’re gonna see all these different products that are available.

Okay and we’re gonna go over what this actually means here.

Actually just the average sale you’ll, see something down here called gravity. It can look a little bit confusing at first, but it’s, not actually terribly difficult to understand.

So, first of all, just looking at the average sale when we’re looking at these products here that you can promote you know. Obviously, if you click promote, then you’ll, get your special link. They can start putting out there.

You can cloak it, you can put it into a number of different traffic sources. I’ll. Show you how to do that, but what we can look through here is find all these these different things. Okay, so let’s. Look at organifi right here, alright, so this is actually a product that I know I have a number of friends who use it.

They seem to like it. I’ve, never consumed organifi myself, so I would have to look into it a little bit more before I would consider promoting this actual product. You know, obviously keep a high level of integrity when you’re doing.

Suggestion of Clickbank:


This is my suggestion. I know a lot of people who don’t do that and I just don’t, think it’s right, but so let’s. Look at something like organifi here, the average sale eighty dollars and twenty four cents.

Now this doesn’t mean that every time somebody clicks on your link and buy something to that link that you’re going to get eighty dollars, but that’s. The average okay, and so you’re. Gon na look here and you’re gonna see something called grab.

But there comes a point where, if the gravity is so high, let’s say the gravity is: is is a thousand okay so right here it’s 80, that’s, a good sweet Spot that I like to go for, but if you see the gravity yet say a thousand, that means that there’s.

A lot of that product selling and I couldn’t mean that there’s, a lot of competition. Okay and the competition could become somewhat problematic, but generally speaking as a good rule of thumb, the higher the gravity, the better.

Conclusion of Clickbank:

From my point of view from what I’ve, seen when I do affiliate marketing, okay, so with organifi, we can click on this, and this will take us to their site. And this is going to be sort of our initial research on whether or not we might actually promote this product.

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