Local Leads Rocket Review – Another HYPE ?

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Welcome to my Local Leads Rocket Review. If you want to know about Local Leads Rocket and how it works then You came into the right place.

Local Leads Rocket is a brand new product by Mo Taqi. This is going to be launched on 12 march, 2020 at 11 EDT. As Mo Taqi is a TOP 5% vendor of Warrior+Plus marketplace, so there is a hype about this latest launch.

Moreover, Local Leads Rocket claims that it can collect Targeted & Hyper Responsive Leads For Almost ANY Local Service In 90 Seconds Or Less !

So, I made my decision to do the Local Leads Rocket Review in depth. Aster all, you should know what Local Leads Rocket is and how it works. However, We should continue with the Local Leads Rocket Review.

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Local Leads Rocket Review :

Vendor: Mo Taqi
Product: Local Leads Rocket
Launch Date: 2020-Mar-12
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $27
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
Niche: Local

Local Leads Rocket is basically for local marketers who want to collect targeted leads. Therefore they claimed that they can do this in less than 90 seconds ! Sound funny , right ?

According to Local Leads Rocket sales page, it collect targeted leads in just 3 simple steps..


  • Enter Any Keyword
  • Choose any keyword of your choice…
  • Example: Auto Repair, Plumbers, etc.


  • Enter Any Location
  • Choose where you want your leads to come from.
  • Example: Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, etc.


  • Get Leads
  • In less than 90 seconds Local Lead Rocket will give all the leads you ever need.
  • Along with a multitude of data to help you make an informed decision if the prospect is a fit for your services.

In addition, the sales page claims that they can collect leads in the following criteria :

Local Lead Rocket Review - Criteria

If you’re a local marketer, consultant, or agency owner, you know one thing.

Leads are everything! It’s so normal.

However not just any leads.

For instance, it should be Targeted, and responsive leads that are actually INTERESTED in your services…

Similarly, Leads are the LIFEBLOOD of any local marketer, agency owner, or consultant.

According to the sales page, With Local Leads Rocket, you are just a few clicks away from hyper targeted leads!

Most importantly, Local Leads Rocket Generates Leads For The Most Lucrative Local Services…

Social Media Services

With Local Leads Rocket, you can spy on what social media platforms your prospects are on.

Retargeting Services

Businesses are willing to pay top dollar for you to run retargeting ads.

Ranking Services

Retargeting ads are an effective way for a business to get more customers, and they are willing to pay you.

Reputation Services

Negative reviews can destroy a business, and businesses are willing to pay big bucks to maintain a solid reputation.

Mobile Optimization Services

Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. And there’s no sign of that slowing down.

However, Local Leads Rocket Gives You More Data Than Any Other Software Out There…

Local Lead Rocket Review - data

In addition, You’ll Also Get A Done For You Consultant Website For FREE!

Above all, With Local Lead Rocket, You will get these following :

Local Leads Rocket Software

With Local Leads Rocket, you can say goodbye to the tedious work involved in finding local leads.

DFY Consultant Website

You’re going to get everything you need to see great results as a consultant.

Starter Pack

You need as much resources and materials as possible to look like you’re a trusted agency or consultant.

Quick Start Guide

We get it. Not everyone is good at techie stuff or born with a computer science degree.

Local Lead Rocket Review – My Personal Verdict :

So, you have read these all. In my opinion Local Leads Rocket is good fit who are interested in working with Local markets. To clarify that, if you are in local market then go and grab it.

But I strongly suggest people to build an online business successfully which is THE PERFECT for everyone. Subsequently I found an awesome program that can transform your life – What You DREAM for !

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Or You can go for Local Lead Rocket if you are in local markets.

Thanks for reading my in depth Local Lead Rocket Review. Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Bye. See you soon.

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