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Welcome to my Local Magic Review. First let me ask you a question. Why you’ve come to read Local Magic Review ? May be you have received high promising email promotions from multiple affiliate marketers. Or may be Facebook Ads or you are Warrior+Plus member, right ?

It doesn’t matter why you come to read Local Magic Review, It’s sure that you want to know that is Local Magic suitable for you or not ?

Is Local Magic worth to buy or not ? Does Local Magic Works as they are claiming ?

I have been finding more about Local Magic and now I’m ready to share !

Before I start !

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Local Magic is launched by Art Flair on Warrior+Plus Marketplace. It’s launched on 28th August. And it’s front end price is $16.95 to $19.95. Its basically software product with training.

Local Magic promises to solve traffic problem for anyone ! They claim as their software can find leads for you ! They also claim that they provide DFY tools and training ! This software is client getting package.

As we know traffic is the most need thing in internet marketing. Without traffic no affiliate marketer can survive. This is true. But Can Local Magic can give you that solution.

TRUE to say, there is no magic ! There’s no magic exists ! You have to build your traffic or you have to pay for traffic.

These are TWO universal truth. Accept it or not !

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How It Works – Does It Really Work ?

So, what local magic offers :

  • Software
  • Training
Local Magic Review - Insider Access

According Local Magic :

  1. It includes a 1-Click Lead Finding Software
  2. It includes a DFY System for converting leads into paying clients
  3. It includes a Premium Marketing Package to sell
  4. No headaches – everything is 100% Done-For-You – just Copy & Paste
  5. It guarantees Happy Clients – over & over again

But in real world, thing not like this fancy words and false promising !

Don’t worry ! I am not saying these without any explanations. Let me explain !

So, you now know that Local Magic has a software and 10 step video.

Now see their video titles in 10 steps process. You will understand how it will work and how this software will give you leads and clients in 1 CLICK ?

Local Magic Review - 10 step process

So here you are seeing that :

Step -1 : Finding your niche .

Step -2 : Fine Tune your niche.

Step -3 : Create a product or service —– You need to create products or services, understand ?

Step – 4 : Video marketing services

Step – 5 : Pricing your product or services

Step – 6 : Building your brand —– even you need to build your brand.

Step – 7 : Creating reference materials —– what if you are newbie or don’t know these stuffs ?

Step – 8 : Setting up appointments —- you need to be fixed by time – not free anymore !

Step – 9 : Schedule meeting with client — and you need to have client meeting for getting client , what ??

So, these are the training steps involved in the members area.

So, how they can call it newbie friendly and 1 click leads/client getting software ?

A BIG false promises. Don’t fall for it !

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Local Review Features – As per their claimed :

  • Use their 1-Click Lead Finding Software to find potential clients in minutes
  • Their Done For You System converts these leads into paying clients
  • Offer a unique, proven, premium video service that every single business out there wants and needs
  • Charge up to $1,000 per client
  • Rinse & Repeat

They claimed on sales page as using their 2 steps , anyone can solve problems :

Step – 1 :

They created a 1-Click Lead Finding Software, which finds hordes of potential clients in minutes – it’s 100% DONE FOR YOU.

​This eliminates HOURS of manual work – trying to use Google and/or social media to find potential clients – and most importantly, it’s BATTLE TESTED & highly optimized.


Step – 2 :

They have created the ULTIMATE & PROVEN TO SELL Video Marketing Package that clients pay up to $1,000 for and then thank you for it! With it you’ll be able to deliver Massive Value to every single new client you get.

​Step 2 is all about DELIVERING MASSIVE RESULTS for your clients.

But with my breakdown of their video training you know that these are not true at all !

So, without wasting time, go to see my no 1 recommendation to minimize your error.

What You will get inside Local Magic Members area :

DFY 1-Click Lead Finding Software

The software we created generates dozens of leads in minutes that you can potentially turn into clients paying up to $1,000 a pop. It saves you hours of work and provides the best pre-qualified leads you can find online. It’s like having a full time employee finding new leads for your business – only without the cost and without the headaches.

DFY System For Turning Leads Into Paying Clients ($1,000 a pop)

Our PROVEN TO WORK system for converting freshly found leads into clients that will gladly pay you up to $1,000 and then will thank you for it. Having the leads to sell to is one thing – being able to actually close the deal is another and we solved both of these problems for you.

DFY Premium Video Service to deliver Massive Value

You have the leads, you know how to convert them into buyers – now you need a High Quality Service you can deliver to them – and that’s exactly what we’re providing you with. A Premium Video Marketing Service any Online or Offline Business Owner needs.

Step-by-Step Video Training

We’re including all the video training you’ll need to start using the software, to know what to do with the new leads, to deliver the service to new clients and even how to outsource it all. It’s all in there!

Here’s again problem arises !

To get DFY packages, you have to upgrade or buy OTO’s /up sells .

OTO 1 – Value $37

OTO 2 – Value $29.95- $39.95

OTO 3 – Value $1 Trial

OTO 4 – Value $67

OTO 5 – Value $147

And all with these , you will be in stuck ! If you have read this honest Local Magic Review from the first, you should now clearly understand that this is not going to work !

So, If you’re tired of junk and not working products/systems and want a REAL solution for making money online, check out my no 1 proven recommendation.

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