Make Money With Drop Shipping – 4 Steps to $100 Everyday

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Why $100 per day? Let me explain you.

If you can make $100 every day, you don’t need a job almost anywhere in the world.

Can You Really Make Money With Drop Shipping !

It means you have enough marketing chops to make it on your own. The answer to the question “Can You make a living on the internet?

Most importantly, once you know how to make $100/day, you can scale up your business to make $500, $1,000 and even $10,000 per day (and it can be done).

Last 30 Days Stat from One Affiliate Program and Result are not Typical

It’s very possible to make 100 dollar a day and more passively if you try.

I have spent of my last 6 years on internet marketing. I have gathered so many methods which works and also had to know what not work !

Today I am sharing with you a Method that’s very easy to start and if you can do it successfully , You can make $100 daily.

It’s not a Joke. !

We have tested it and it works. After our successful trial, I wish to share with you as you can START right Now.


Now if you want to learn how to make ​$100 a day​ then you need to go where there is ​$100 a day worth of demand​. Right ?

There is this huge misconception where people think they need to invent an app or come up with a new idea to make a lot of money. The people that believe this ​ARE WRONG.

If you are new to learning how to make money online, your biggest goal is to find what is already working and model that. ​Plain and simple.

So where are there places with $100/day worth of demand?

There is no answer.

You can create $100/day selling T Shirts, creating a blog , or selling physical products. Regardless, if you can find where there is demand on the internet you can make money selling ANYTHING.

For today’s example we will use “​selling physical products​” as an example. So now you’re probably wondering mike what the hell.. where do I find ​$100 worth of demand?

Here Are The Steps:

1.Think of a Product Idea

2.Find Out If There is Demand In the Marketplace

3.Drop Ship The Product

4.Create A Sales Funnel To Increase Profit Margins

Step 1:

Think of a Product Idea When I first started as an entrepreneur, I made a huge mistake. I saved $500 and spent it all on a huge inventory of dog leashes from China. It was shipped to my house, packaged, and ready for sale!

But guess what..

No one bought it. So now I have $500 worth of dog leashes damn it. If you guys need one let me know because they are still sitting in my storage not being used.

With -$500 to my name and a lack of confidence from my horrible decision I needed to be creative and come up with a way to recoup my costs. Instead of guessing what the market wanted I had to test my idea first.

That is why ​drop shipping​ is great because you ​don’t have to buy the product until AFTER it is sold.

Here is a little exercise you can try: ​before​ you spend money on anything, try asking yourself what you or your family felt like they had to buy in the past 30 days?

Now I’m not talking about peanut butter, a spatula, or Hot Cheetos.

I’m talking about something that they are so passionate about that they had to buy it for no other reason but to feel proud of owning it.

For example​,

X’s dad loves ​photography​. Maybe even a little too much. He is so passionate about the topic that he sweats profusely when he thinks about it due to sheer excitement.

He also drinks ​coffee ​every single day. So a good product to test in this hypothetical situation is a coffee mug​ that is photography related. I went to ​​ (a marketplace with suppliers from china) and i searched for

“​camera mug​.”

aliexpress- camera mugs
aliexpress — camera mug

I found a coffee mug that looked like a DSLR camera lens for around $4 plus shipping. Not a bad product. ​Its small so shipping won’t be expensive​. It looks pretty sturdy so it wouldn’t break easily. I could also probably sell this for 3 to 5 times what it would cost me. Sounds like a winner.

But before I buy thousands of these like how some people do with Amazon FBA, lets first test out the marketplace.

Find Out If There is Demand In the Marketplace I typed “​mug dslr lens​” in facebook search and found this image.

lens camera mug on fb post

Amazing — Zing Zing . Look at all those likes and shares.

Now if you look at the store that is selling it you’ll see that they sell for around ​$24.99 plus shipping and handling​.

If you multiply that by the 1600 people that liked the image.. that is around $40,000 dollars in “hypothetical” demand.

Looks like the ​photography niche ​has the $1000/day worth of demand that we need.

Now all you need to do is create a store with ​shopify​, run traffic to that audience via Facebook Ads and make some money. And it’s Just only 1 product ! That’s the Magic Of make money with drop shipping.

If you look at the comments, the crazy thing is people are buying this mug for $24.99 even though THE EXACT SAME MUG can be bought for $4.

The store even used the exact same pictures from the supplier.

How is this able to work?

And how are people able to make money?

Can’t the customer from Facebook easily go to Aliexpress and buy the product from there?

Couldn’t they just buy it on for much cheaper? ​

Why yes, yes they can.

But the weird thing is they don’t.

The reason this works is the niche is so damn ​passionate​, they don’t use logic when buying it​. X’s dad for example doesn’t ever have a reason to buy the photography stuff he buys. But he buys it anyways because he is so passionate about the topic. When you are ​testing​ products, make sure that it is either one of TWO THINGS :

1.The product solves a deep seeded problem

2.The product has a raving fan base

Products that deal with l​osing weight,

learning how to find a girlfriend,

and making money​ will always be popular

because it solves a deep seeded problem that humans will always try to improve.

And for the raving fan base, why do you think people wear their ​favorite sports teams uniforms​? Because they are proud to represent their identity as being a fan of that team. The same applies to people that love cats, dogs, cross-fit, and photography.

3) Drop Ship The Product After you create your store, you can run Facebook Ads to the product by putting it in front of an audience that would be more prone to buying it.

Full Guide of Facebook Advertising — book-ad-targeting-options-infographic

Once you ​make a sale​, you can go to the ​supplier​ on Aliexpress and purchase it. ​

But make sure you put your customers shipping details in instead of your own​. Once the tracking is updated in Aliexpress, you can go into your shopify dashboard​ and update the tracking.

One major note that I have to emphasize is that when you look for suppliers, make sure they have “​ePacket​” as a form of shipping. Remember this product is being shipped from China. So usually it can take up to ​4 to 6 weeks​ to receive. But if you select ​ePacket​, it cuts down the time to around 2 weeks-ish​ and the customer will be a ​lot happier.

Also ePacket has a ​USPS​ tracking number once it enters the US which will help you as well as your customers out since you both can keep track of where that item is.

The reason why I don’t recommend doing this for the long term is that customer service will end up sucking with people waiting one or two weeks to receive their product in a world where ​​ has 2 day shipping with prime.

BUT, if you are wondering if people are actually making money with this. Don’t worry because they are.
There are people still doing this every single day and making an absolute killing off of it. You easily can make money with drop shipping without any upfront investment.

One of my friends does thousands of dollars a day​ selling cat socks. ​CAT SOCKS​.

Create A Sales Funnel To Increase Profit Margins Now the above method for making ​$100/day​ works but it is for amateurs and people with a “​get rich quick​” mentality.

You can make money quick but it will not last long as it is a poorly modeled business that focus on acquiring a huge number of customers and then just running away with the money.

The real way to make $100/day is ​by creating sales funnels​ and ultimately partnering with U.S. suppliers to decrease the shipping time.

The Traditional Model Of Business Before we can talk about a sales funnel, lets go over what the traditional sales process is. You have a product (in this case the $24 item sourced at $4) and spend money traffic (​$10​) to get that product in front of the right people.

Buying price = $4

Selling Price = $24

Spend Money Traffic = $10

Total Profit / Item = $24 -$10 -$4 = $10

10 customers/day = $100/day profit

100 customers/day = $1000/day profit

So if you do the math.

A ​$24​ sale minus the product cost of ​$4​ minus ​$10​ which is the amount spent per acquisition of a customer will leave you with ​$10 profit. To make ​$1000 a day​, you need to sell to ​100 people​.

That is definitely doable especially with the internet. But I believe in efficiency and making more money for less work.

So what happens when we add a sales funnel?

What is a sales funnel? A sales funnel is the ​buying process​ that a customer goes through when making a purchase. The best way I can describe it is by using a dentist as an example.

I learned the above image from ​Russell Brunson​. It is called a value ladder which means the ​more value​ you give to a customer, the ​more you can​ charge for the product or service.

This is how the value ladder works in a typical trip to the dentist. I walk in and say what’s up. The dentists sits me down and gives me my regular ​teeth cleaning​ which has the ​lowest price point. While he is cleaning my teeth he says, “Ashraful do you happen to smoke?” I end up getting curious, wondering why he would ask that. I tell him no I don’t.

The dentist then says, “Oh that’s weird, I thought you smoked because your teeth are a little ​yellow​.” First thought that goes on in my head: ​Wow this dentist is an asshole Second thought that goes on in my head: ​Oh geez, my teeth are yellow.. do you think other people have noticed?

He sensed my worry and proceeds to tell me, “No worries Ashraful everything is fine, I have this super strong teeth whitening tray that I can apply on you right after your cleaning if you want.”

Ummm.. hell yes doc fix my yellow teeth please.
After he is done hypothetically whitening my teeth, the doctor will then notice another problem. Doc: ​“ ​Ashrafulm did you have ​braces​ when you were younger?”

Me: “Um yes doc why do you ask?” Doc: “Oh it’s nothing.. I just see a little ​gap​ in the middle of your teeth I was just curious”
Me: ​(freaking out) ​ “Doc is there anything you can do to fix it?” Doc: “Don’t worry I can create a custom ​retainer​ for you if you want”
Me: “Please do”

The doctor will then repeat this process and sell me more of his more expensive products to the point where he is telling me, “Ashraful you are butt ass ugly.. the only way we can fix you is if we go under cosmetic surgery.”

And of course since I run a YouTube channel and care about my looks.. I would have to take him up on his offer.

This is ​how a sales funnel works​.

I came in just for a clean up which was his cheapest offer. But while I was sitting in the chair, he sold me more and more expensive stuff while I was there.


Because I was already at the dental office. It’s much harder for him to up sell me his more expensive products if I was at home since I wouldn’t be in the “​buying mentality​” ​(in this case “fixing teeth” mentality) ​ .

But from just one visit, he was able to get as much money out of me as possible by providing more and more value while I was still in the dentist’s “sales office”.

This works the same with eCommerce stores.

Amateur eCom people only focus on the front end sale. That is why they struggle to break even and profit because if there profit margin is only ​$10​ then they only have ​$10 at most to spend on advertising before they start losing money if they don’t make a sale.

For the professional entrepreneurs that have a sales funnel in place, they will ​profit more per visitor​. This will allow them to spend more on advertising to acquire the customer since their profit margins are much higher.

An Example So let’s go back to X’s dad.

He loves photography. So if he were to buy a camera coffee mug.. what would be the next step in the value ladder that an eCom store could offer?

A possible idea is a ​camera backpack. So I would go on Aliexpress and find a camera backpack that I could charge a higher price point than the coffee mug. This one is a good one right here.

aliexpress -camera backpack

The bag is only ​$13​ and it has UPS 2 weeks shipping which would make the customer extremely happy. I can easily ​charge the customer $50​ for this product.

20 customers/day = $1000/day profit So in the sales funnel, if a visitor lands on your website and buys the first product, they will then be offered
another relating product after they have already purchased the first.

Now they don’t have to buy the product, but if they do, you make ​$50 profit from that one customer​ while the amateur​ entrepreneur only made ​$10​.

This is similar to being at the dentist office. When the visitor buys your first product and becomes a customer, they are now in the buying mode.

So wouldn’t it make sense to sell your customer more stuff right away?

The Solution Without a sales funnel it would take you up to ​5 times more​ customers to get $1000 a day in profit. So which one do you think is easier? ​Getting ​100 customers​ a day or getting only ​20​?

Your biggest goal is to find a way to get your visitor to commit to buying the first product. Then after they have been charged, that is when you offer them your upsell. The way around this is by using ​Clickfunnels​.

This is the software I used to sell physical products in the past as well as what I create all of my funnels with now. And if you think ​$100 a day is a lot of money​, then you don’t truly understand the full potential of sales funnels yet.

Because the same person that taught me about the value ladder uses this exact same upsell method to make ​$15,456 per day​ with his eCom funnel. The beauty about funnels is ​once it is set up​, all you have to do is drive traffic to it.

Since you now have a higher profit margin, you don’t have to worry about your stats as much as the other people selling on Facebook because you have that one up sell to help recoup your cost of advertising and stay in the green.
The good news​ is the internet is still young and crowded with l​azy amateur entrepreneurs​ that don’t want to take the time to learn how to effectively build sales funnels. This means that ​there is more out there for you to profit from.

Don’t need to think it’s very easy to do as $100 is not silly matter.

You have to learn and apply the method, think about the perfect product idea and marketing.

Only this method in words won’t make you $3000 in a month. Obviously you have to put value . The more value you will give, the more money you will make.

I am just giving you the idea and whole process of making $100 per day. I am showing you the procedure that it’s possible. But you have to do it yourself.

Think and apply, If fail then learn and apply again. I have showed a very fantastic easy way to do this. So , you know the idea now. So, Don’t Wait . Start Now !

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