The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day

The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day : Passive Income Formula

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Welcome to the new make money online method where I’m going to discuss about the The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day and so son. Read the post top to bottom as you can make 100 dollar per day. So, let’s Start !

The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day

The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day
The EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day.

Today we’re talking about the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day with Airbnb. And you don’t need a lot of money to do this. In fact, you don’t even need to own the house this. This is my secret. This is how i was able to quit my job and have zero income to replace it.

With this plus dividend, income was how I was able to do probably the most irresponsible thing that I’ve ever done in my life, which was quit my job when I turned 30 to make videos online that nobody wanted to watch and I had Food i had shelter for two years doing the exact same thing that I’m, going to show you in this post.

Please understand doing this is not going to make you wealthy, but if you follow the steps in this article, you watch it all. The way through and you put in the hard work you will easily make more than a dollar you’ll, actually it’s the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day.

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Now, at my peak I was earning roughly twelve hundred dollars per month, renting out a single room which paid for rent. So I was really happy. This isn’t something I’ve really shared before on my channel, maybe because i always felt embarrassed about this and i was a super host on airbnb, which is nothing to be embarrassed about, but i guess i just didn’t want people to know that I cleaned other people’s, toilets never said it was gonna be glamorous.

Though then, one day, my friend asked me to teach him everything I know about airbnb, so I did, and now he’s, making more than a hundred dollars a day, renting out his garage that he converted into a small studio space, and he Has since far surpassed me so today we’re gonna go visit him and together I’m gonna show you and teach you everything we both know step by step and how we did it.

You will not find any sales courses there’s, no products. I want you to buy no newsletters. I want you to sign up to at the end of this post. This is all 100 free, as with all my posts. So if you found this helpful, then you know what to do.

The Exclusive EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day : Explained

I guess we’re gonna. Do the entire article like this, that’s, the plan yeah okay. This is getting awkward. I didn’t plan beyond this point, guys yeah, how much money are you making with airbnb now uh, probably about a hundred dollars a night money’s on the nightstand bro, all right tyus for real this time? Okay, how much money are you making like? I said before it’s about a hundred dollars a night, but it varies depending on a lot of things, but i also got like cleaning fees and expenses, but you weren’t, always making this much from the start.

No, the truth is, there was a point in my life when i was living out of a car. There was a point where i was living in a barn. I mean i feel, really fortunate to be able to provide people with a place to live.

It means a lot to me and to provide jobs, and things like that, i think, is it enough to pay for the entire mortgage oh way more over yeah, so on top of it being a money maker like i get a free house out of the deal That’s, amazing yeah.

It’s, fantastic. In fact, i just had somebody booked the place just now. It averages out to about 100 a day yeah yeah, with some days being significantly more and some days being a lot less right. So the more people that actually stay here over two you charge even more.

I do I charge a fee for each person over two and I change my rates depending on the day of the week and the business within the year. So some days, for example, new year’s is super busy, um or holidays things like that.

You could charge people a kidney and I do got a bunch of them over there. It’s, a little red fridge. So now let’s. Take a look at tious airbnb. This is my my small, my humble my lovely airbnb glad to have you here.

This is actually a door to the main house so that’s. Why it’s password protected? If people come in, they can’t get into the main house, but the rest is theirs bathroom. We added a bathroom, keep in mind.

This was a garage, so we had to tap into plumbing and make that all work. This is the garage door. It’s, not encased in right there, that entire wall tall wall, all the way down so from the outside. It looks just like a garage there’s, nothing for them to see, but uh from the inside people.

Don’t even realize that they’re inside of the garage very few people ever figured out. So we put in a little living space with you know, a little convertible coffee table that opens up for uh, nice, yeah for dining purposes and uh, and then the couches.

I think it’s a queen and there’s. Two of them in here and so that sleeps, how many the whole place sleeps six six got it yeah, and we did that specifically, because hotels can sleep four and we wanted to compete with hotels, and so the best way to do that was to offer things That hotels, didn’t offer so sleeping six versus four our win same thing with a kitchen in yeah hotel rooms, don’t have kitchenettes.

Now It’s time to finalize the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day Model :

Do they well some do, but we actually, i messed this up when i put it in so i couldn’t, fit a fridge in here, a normal sized fridge and they say in theater. If you make a mistake, make it big, and so i decided to make the fridge red bright red and that became like the accent piece for everything.

So if you like the artwork on the wall, the pillows nice yeah red became the accent. Color got another bed. Well, it’s, the only real bed that’s, the this is the actual bed and then, like i said, the couches both become comfortable places, wait so that’s, another pullout couch.

This is the exact same model, so that’s. Another two people plus another two here, so it sleeps six, so sleep six and then a little closet. We tried to put mirrors everywhere. We could specifically because it makes everything look bigger and we’re in a small space right.

The whole place is like 400 square feet, so it’s, not a whole lot of room to work in tiny living, tiny living, not exactly a tiny home, but it works. This was installed. This is part of the of the building, because there’s, a hidden water valve down here that I didn’t want to take out of the garage, and so I uh, so we built this around it so that nobody would notice It but that if they wanted to, they could shut off the water to the whole house.

There’s, a good trick about a tv in an airbnb, the roku’s, have a thing called like hotel mode, okay, a guest mode on them, so they can go on and it erases their user information when they log out. So they’re, not using your netflix account really yeah.

Oh, that’s. Cool super useful love it. This is the place. This is home for a lot of people every year. So obviously tyus put some money into his airbnb, but you do not need to do that case. In point I didn’t.

I bought a 260 dollar futon from amazon that converted into about a queen-sized bed that slept too, because i wanted to have four people stay with me and you can have a lot more bookings. If you have four people or more, you can even charge more money for people after two and if you can get six people to stay with you, you can charge far more and you’ll even be competing with hotels, because large groups of people Travel through cities, they want to stay together and split their stay, and you can’t.

Do that with a standard hotel room pro tip instead of buying a traditional wood, slat style bed, don’t. Do that. I learned the hard way people will absolutely break that, so instead, i spent around 100 on amazon to get this steel under frame where you can actually put your mattress on top of, and if you want to complete the look, you can order a separate headboard from Amazon and it just gets a nice finished look, but that thing is unbreakable.

So between that the desk, the rug, the towels and all the little other miscellaneous items, the total came out to be around six hundred fifty dollars, which is nothing compared to the amount of money that you’re about to make so it’s important question: what did you do at first to get that first booking, because that’s literally the hardest part I didn’t really do anything.

But I was then near to sure that this gonna be the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day if it’s done correctly.

Besides your advertising, I put a listing up on airbnb’s website, but you didn’t advertise. You didn’t, pay anybody to everyone, okay and then just people came. I took some photos of the place and I put the listing up now over time.

You can become like a super host and then that boosts your listings, but no at the beginning there’s literally zero in advertising. I remember one of the things I did when I first started. I was like i got to go super low, so i charged people like 30, a night which was super competitive and that’s.

How you get those first few bookings and then once you get a few reviews, then i upped the price reviews is a good trick like making sure you get really great reviews and there’s, a lot of sneaky techniques on getting this okay.

So the room that I offered people was nowhere near as cool as this is this place, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves, even though I’m, not wearing any sleeves. These are so sneaky. So please use your powers for good.

Now. When i listed my space, i made sure to decorate my place with very light and bright colors like bright, yellow, bright, blue and almost feminine, because i knew that that would attract both men and women.

When I made my profile picture, i made sure to pose with my girlfriend, because i wanted to telegraph the fact that I’m, not a single guy, and this is especially important if I’m, a single traveler, especially if I’m a girl – i would not want to book with this guy, even though he looks good.

He looks like he’s single and ready to mingle, and I’m not about to stay at that. Dude’s. Man cave because airbnb is not that kind of place. You are there to provide a service, a comfortable place to stay, that’s safe, so make sure you’re, not a loner, so borrow a friend or a family member and actually follow through with this advice and use.

This tip for good. The second thing i did was i made a video showing off the entire room. I made it very bright and inviting, and that really separated me from the rest of the listings, because i went the extra mile to show off that the room was clean, safe and it was actually a good value.

If you don’t have anything to do this with then borrow somebody’s, iPhone 11, because it has an amazing wide-angle, lens camera and video capabilities, far better than what I had at the time, which was a 5d mark ii slap.

Now It’s time to Make the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day Formula working Consistently !

Some spicy music on that and spicy meatball. Are there any quick tips you can give people when they get started. For me, it’s, really big to not have to do work. So after you’ve invested a lot yeah.

You try and make get your hands off of it. Okay, and so one of those things is, I got somebody else to handle cleaning and all of that, but then I also automated the place. Okay, so, for example, the door lock.

I didn’t wan na have one code on it, then anybody who rents the place could come back in when somebody else right right. So I have an automated door lock that pulls my airbnb information and finds out what their phone number is and programs it to their phone number and the software is called our boy.

It’s, 100 bucks a year or 100 bucks for a lifetime of having it, but it does all the work. So you automated your lock. What else did you automate here so lighting power? So you literally never see the people that come in.

But It must be the PASIVE and the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day Model as we’re talking about in this post.

Never that’s. Amazing I mean I have camera systems on the outside of the house right. So I know in the car’s approach right and it gives me alerts so when the door opens like it literally tells me hey.

They’re here, or they’re, not here, and you just send them instructions how they can check in and it’s, customized individually to each person that books, yes, but that’s automated too. So even the emails that go out the text messages that go out to them.

All of that’s automated. I have a pre-recorded video that shows them the place and that gets sent out and is that through airbnb or was that a separate service creating a video was just right, shooting a video, but that message that initial message.

So it’s. Just a text – and i sent a hyperlink to the to the private message on it as soon as you get the booking, how does it send the initial text so there’s, a bunch of services out there that will automatically.

They can manage multiple listings, but they will send text messages back and forth to clients for you and they’ll leave reviews for you automatically too really so you don’t have to go on and leave a review of the people That stayed there, they’ll, do it for you, so I love tyus’s, approach to making everything hands-off and more passive, but i didn’t have that kind of luxury, because I didn’t.

The Key Ingredients to Make EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day

Have that kind of money to invest? So I had to put in more time which is okay, because I discovered that the three things people value the most are location, cleanliness and safety. So do your best in the description of the airbnb listing to really describe everything that makes your place stand out so include all the locations that are nearby and they don’t even have to be that cool.

It could be the gas station or the grocery store that they could literally walk to, and people love that kind of stuff. If you’re talking about safety, then talk about all the privacy that they’ll, get they’ll have their own key to their own room that you won’t, have access to and above all, just Keep their room clean and make sure to keep the hair off the floor because that’s, one of the first few things that they will notice.

Is there anything to watch out for when you first get started or something that you should know that people miss there’s tons of stuff that you’re, probably going to miss in doing this like well? That’s? Not intimidating the truth is you have to just do it? You have to jump in to find out what those things are.

So for me, when I needed to build this, I didn’t even know the plans of my house, so I had to go to the county and ask them to give me like a blueprint of how your house was built. Yeah, okay, I didn’t, know how it was made and they they keep that on file and then, while I was there, I learned that technically, if you have a stove in your place, it becomes a separate unit.

You have to have a different address for it if you have a stove yeah, so my kitchen has no stove, it has a hot plate, so an electrical one. Yes, specifically to avoid that. That’s, interesting or, for example, where i live.

If you’ve got two doors that face the street. Apparently that can create confusion and you’re, not allowed to do that. So i had to change the way I had the doors planned out wow that’s interesting.

So then you went to the courthouse, you got the plans and then did you run across any issues when you were building it out. Really, if you’re, going back and forth with them with the permitting process and your builder, your builder, will know a lot about this stuff, which you absolutely should have permits yeah.

If you’re going this route, if you’re going the expensive route, the last thing you want to do is get it all shut down. Yeah yeah, but it can be very, it can be expensive. It can be a long process. It can be a bummer.

You also want to touch base with like an hoa. If you’ve got one or any of those, and I’ll leave a link in the description below the video I’ll. Show you a map where you can plug in your address and it has.

l show you like areas where it’s allowed and where it’s not allowed. I also want to add that you technically don’t need to own your house, but at that point it would be considered sub leasing. So I would definitely check with your landlord if that’s, something that you can do get permission.

First and make sure to look at the regulations of the city to make sure that you can actually do this in the first place. So i will leave that in the link below where you can check the map. Do you have any words of encouragement or advice for people when they get started? I would say first to make sure that you start as quickly as possible.

You’re, get you’re gonna make mistakes that’s. Gon na happen, so you might as well get those mistakes over with as fast as you can, and also try your very best to figure out a way where you’re, not creating a job for yourself, but you’re, making a Way for you to actually have passive income and the only way you’re going to do.

That is, if you can make money, while you sleep so focus on. How do I make this, so I don’t have to work, get it on something else, get it automated get employees whatever that’s going to take, but it’s seriously worth it.

Imagine living a life that’s, truly free and where now, suddenly, the big question is: what are you going to do with your time right that’s, really empowering if you could go back in time and tell yourself or do anything Differently with your airbnb experience, is there anything you would do differently? I would have done it earlier.

I would have done it faster, okay, earlier and faster, pretty happy with everything else. Oh yeah, it’s, amazing. How you converted this garage into this and it’s. You didn’t, spend that much money, but you don’t have to go that route.

No! You don’t. If you have an extra room in your house, you can do it right now. Now i had the worst first experience with my airbnb, because the guy that stayed with me, didn’t, speak english. I couldn’t, communicate with him and he trashed my place.

So I told myself never again, airbnb just wrote it off, not worth it but lucky. For me. I tried one more time and it’s. Awesome that I did because I got to meet some pretty cool people all around the world that stayed with me.

I got cuban coffee. I had some people make some indian food for me and I even made a friend which is super cool. Also, pro tip meet the people that you host face to face. I’ve noticed that the people that i meet and the people that i introduce myself to have always left my house cleaner than the people i didn’t meet at all, who treated my place more like a hotel and left it.

A little dirtier, I think, when people see each other face to face, they notice hey. This is actually somebody’s house and they give it a little bit more respect. So I wanted to experiment with a new video series about how to make 100 a day trying different side.

The Journey To the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day is Successful.

Hustles airbnb was my first, but maybe i could try Uber or Postmates next, or maybe only fans. No, I’m kidding. I’d, make corey do it and then we’d split the profit, but if you have any ideas for me, let me know in the comments down below and make sure to register with Weebly.

This is their last month they’re, giving away two free stocks, that’s, one free stock for registering, and if you fund your account one hundred dollars, you get a second free stock, valued up to fourteen hundred dollars and get a Third, free stock from Robinhood.

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So, This was the EASIEST Way To Make $100 Dollar Per Day and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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